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Pooper Scooper Service Spokane, WA

Poop Scoop Group is dedicated to providing top notch dog waste removal services to both the Spokane & Coeur d’ Alene Regions. Our team of dog lovers are ready and able to help with any residential or commercial pooper scooper project you send our way! 

Dog Waste Removal Spokane

Say Goodbye to Dog Poop!

The Poop Scoop Group is a professional pet waste removal organization serving both Spokane & Kootenai County. 

We go the extra mile to make sure your dog is safe by using kennel-grade disinfectant in between each cleaning and take the poop with us, so it doesn’t stink up your trash can! 

Our team offers the following dog waste removal schedules.

  • Once per week (Most Popular) 
  • Bi-Monthly 
  • Monthly 
  • One Time Poop Removal
When the snow melts each year there is a big rush of new clients that may be put on a waiting list. Scheduling priority is given to clients that are on recurring services, and we provide pooper scooper services all year round. (Even in the winter!)

Our routes are open and we are currently accepting new clients! 

Pooper Scooper Pricing

Dog Waste Removal Services Start at $55/Month! 

Poop Scoop Group works hard to be as efficient as possible so we can keep prices competitive. We also make sure to have a system in place so everyone is paying a fair rate, nothing more! 

Pooper Scooper Services are pricing based on the following factors.

  • Number of Dogs
  • Size of Yard
  • Time from Last Cleanup 

We also give more favorable pricing to customers that are on recurring services with our team. This is because they are already routed into our pet waste removal route and we can complete the service more efficiently. 

Get on our Schedule Today! 


Why Hire a Pooper Scooper?

With how busy the world has been lately pooper scooper services have become more popular than ever! Here are the top reasons to hire a dog waste removal service.

1.) Keep your House Smelling Fresh!

Dog poop doesn’t smell good… not in your backyard and definitely not in your house! Our team will even take the dog waste with us so it doesn’t stink up your trash can either! 

2.) Fewer Arguments With Loved Ones

Let’s face it… picking up dog poop is probably the most hated chore of all time. We’ve even had clients tell us our service has saved their marriages! 

3.) Spend more Quality Time with your Dogs! 

It’s time to spend more time with your furry friends and less time picking up after them. Life is short, even more so for your dog so don’t waste any moments doing chores you hate. 


Poop Scoop Group Dog Photo

Hire a Pooper Scooper you Can Count on!

When you call the Poop Scoop Group you are calling a quality dog waste removal professional that will keep your back yard a safe, fun, and poo-free place to enjoy all year round!